Penang Heritage

Penang Heritage

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Discovery The Beauty of Penang

The state of Penang is located on the northwestern coast of Peninsular Malaysia.
Covering an area of 1,030 sq km, the island of Penang spans 24km from the North to the South, and 14km from the East to the West.Its 1,045 sq km sun-kissed state consists of island of Penang and Seberang Perai. They are linked by the longest bridge in Asia, i.e. the Penang Bridge and also the oldest cross-channel ferry service in the country.The capital of Penang – George Town, is the third biggest city in Malaysia and has a population exceeding 1.5 million people.

Penang Heritage

On 7th July 2008, Georgetown was awarded UNESCO World Heritage status. Founded 200 years ago, the city has an impressive collection of historic buildings representing the cultural heritage of Penang’s various enthnicities : Chinese, Malays, Indians, Arabs, Achehnese, saimese,Burmese and Europeans.

Penang also known as the “Pearl of the Orient”, is famous for its traditions and customs. The state is rich with its architectural heritage, each building bears the stamp of different foreign influences from its colourful past. Penang’s heritage is also evident in the food, clothing, houses and modes of transport, making the state a potpourri of art and culture.

Elegant colonial buildings rise among modern skyscrapers in its capital- George Town, which has awarded as UNESCO World Heritage Site, as well as the unique flora and fauna flourish in the Penang National Park.

Festivals are celebrated with much colour and gusto at this Cuisine Capital, famed for its bewildering array of mouth-watering eats.

Today, Penang has transformed from a busy trading port to a famous and popular tourist destination. One can find a great variety of food in Penang. It is often said that Penangites don’t eat to live but live to eat! Hawker stalls, of which Penang is famous for, can be found almost anywhere on the island- by the roadside, in open spaces and even in shopping complexes.